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More offenses Cobb guy states he was almost murdered

Published on December 12, 2017

By admin

The alternative president who was supposed to b sworn in as been postponed to calm political agitation, NASA opposition coalition is set to inaugurate odinga on Tuesday which is Kenya independent day.
Kenyatta was re-elected as the president of Kenya having gathered 98% of the vote as regard the repeated election which took place on the 26th of October , Kenyatta won Odinga in the original poll in August and was cancelled by the Supreme Court on the charge that it was not a free and fair election.

NASA in a statement said that a new date will be announced for the inauguration following their consultation with other allies which they did not mention.
The United State as also pleaded with the opposition party to respect the law and shelve the swearing in ceremony because the plan to inaugurate Odinga as the alternative president as lead to riot leaving more than 68 people dead.

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